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What to do in Piana Discovering a Corsican jewel


A charming village, Piana is a nugget in the heart of Corsica, where every nook and cranny reveals majestic landscapes and a serene, bewitching atmosphere.

Wondering what to do in Piana? Let’s embark together on a journey where the beauty of the village of Piana blends with marvellous calanques, dazzling beaches and vibrant activities.

Piana not only invites you to escape through its natural wonders, but also to take a journey through time and Corsican culture. Calanches by road or by boat. Activities abound, from hikes winding through the spectacular landscape to sea excursions revealing a different perspective of this Mediterranean jewel.

1 - Calanques de Piana

coeur calanque piana

Above all, we recommend the Calanques de Piana, with their magnificent views. They are a must for every visitor. A boat trip from Porto or a hike will take you to this geological gem, with its turquoise waters and imposing rock formations.

If you come at sunset, the heart of Piana is at its best. The light of the setting sun gives the heart of the Calanques de Piana a unique red color.

This jewel of Corsica invites you to a total escape, where the blue of the sky blends harmoniously with that of the sea, offering a breathtaking view.

2- The Village of Piana

What to do in Piana We’ll now take you on a tour of the famous village of Piana, listed as one of France’s most beautiful villages.

Perched on the famous road between Ajaccio and Calvi,around 11km from Porto, the village of Piana rises to the heights of , offering spectacular views of the Gulf of Porto and the calanques below.

It’s a mandatory stopover. Piana’s picturesque village streets, breathtaking views and friendly locals will make your stay a memorable one.

The houses with their light-colored facades, bright under the Corsican sun, the flower-filled lanes and shady squares invite you to take a peaceful stroll, where every step is a discovery.

In the heart of the village of Piana, the church of Sainte-Marie stands out for its elegant presence and rich heritage.

This historic monument bears witness to the region’s cultural and architectural heritage. The structure, adorned with a high square bell tower, is a frequent sight for tourists and churchgoers alike. The church interior features frescoes and paintings by Paul Mathieu Novellini, enveloping visitors in a spiritual and artistic atmosphere.

3- Capo Rosso

Capo Rosso is a breathtaking sight for the curious and nature lovers alike.

The tour begins by road. From Porto, take the D8 departmental road to Piana, the departure point for this magnificent cape. Then take the D284 towards Arone beach, renowned for its fine sand, and your journey really begins.

An expedition to the summit of Capo Rosso, where the Genoese tower proudly stands, is a must for any stay in Corsica. This 8 km round trip, with a 450 m difference in altitude and an approximate duration of 3.5 hours round trip, is accessible to all. The trail, though demanding, rewards every step with breathtaking panoramic views of the region.

From the summit, a 360-degree panorama awaits you: admire Cargèse and the Gulf of Sagone to the south, the Gulf of Porto and the Scandola nature reserve to the north, and of course the emblematic Calanques de Piana.

A visit to Capo Rosso is a plunge into the raw beauty of Corsica. Whether on foot or by boat, by day or at sunset, the views from this giant of rosso are sure to leave you speechless.

4- Arone beach

plage arone

When discovering Corsica, if you’re wondering what to do in Piana, a visit to Arone beach is a must. Nestled just 12 km southwest of the picturesque village of Piana, this beach is a hymn to the natural beauty of the Isle of Beauty.

Arone beach, the only large sandy beach in the Gulf of Porto, stretches out majestically at the foot of the imposing cliffs of the Calanques de Piana. Isolated, it is a true haven of peace where nature reigns supreme with its crystal-clear waters.

For everyday explorers, you can observe marine life, as the clarity of its waters is ideal for fishwatching. Grab your mask and snorkel and dive into the crystal-clear blue to discover an aquatic universe.

5- Ficajola beach

For nature lovers, Ficajola beach is not to be missed. Between secret coves and exceptional panoramas, this little corner of paradise reveals its beauty to those who take the time to discover it.

The beach nestles in the heart of a protected cove, surrounded by the famous red rocks of the Calanques de Piana, creating a striking contrast with the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean.

Although access requires a little effort, a short 800-meter walk awaits you from the parking lot. The hike is affordable for the whole family and rewards every step with breathtaking views of the Corsican coastline.

6- Visit Scandola


The Scandola Reserve, located between Calvi and Girolata on Corsica’s Isle of Beauty, is a spectacular natural site recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This pristine territory is home to exceptional biodiversity, nestled between sea and mountains, and is best explored by sea to preserve its unique ecosystem.

The most privileged way to visit Scandola is undeniably by sea, making the experience accessible and fascinating for every visitor. Various boat excursions are organized from the port of Porto. Reviews of these cruises are often laudatory, praising the breathtaking beauty of the reserve and the incomparable views of the cliffs and calanches that can be admired during the cruise.

During your trip, the guides will share with you the secrets of the calanques of Piana, Girolata and, of course, Scandola. You’ll discover why this place is so special to Corsica.

What to do in Piana, conclusion

Piana, ajaccio, porto or Calvi, Corsica is brimming with places where nature reigns supreme and adventure is always close at hand. If you make Capo Rosso a stopover on your trip, you’re sure to leave with lasting memories, rooted in the wild beauty of theIsle of Beauty.


You can explore the calanques of Piana:

  • On foot, thanks to the many hiking trails.
  • By boat, on an excursion or cruise departing from Porto or Ajaccio.

Yes, you can book tours with a local guide to explore Piana and its calanques. These local experts will share with you the secrets of the cliffs, calanches and other natural wonders.

Take the D81 north from Ajaccio. The journey takes around 1h30 and offers superb views of the Gulf of Porto and the Calanques de Piana.

  • Porto for its cruises and proximity to Scandola and Girolata.
  • Cargèse, for its two churches facing each other and its beaches.
  • Calvi, with its citadel and dynamic port.

Yes, Girolata can be visited in a day from Piana. You can get there by boat on an excursion, or by hiking for the more adventurous.

The road to Piana is famous for its splendid views, but also for its sharp bends. It's a unique experience by car, but care must be taken to ensure a safe journey through these exceptional French landscapes.

Although Piana is beautiful all year round, many recommend the months of May, June and September to avoid the summer crowds, while enjoying a pleasant climate for all activities.

To venture to Piana is to immerse yourself in a natural spectacle where the calanches, majestic rock formations, rise up to the Corsican sky and plunge into the Mediterranean sea. But is hiking in Piana accessible to trekking novices? The answer is yes! With a wide range of activities and hiking trails, Piana offers options for all levels.

Piana and the surrounding area are packed with hiking trails that vary in difficulty and length, allowing visitors of all abilities to enjoy the region's stunning scenery. Whether you're an occasional walker or a seasoned hiker, you'll be able to find a route to suit you.

Tips for beginners in Piana :

  • Book a guide: Especially if it's your first experience hiking in the calanches, a guide can help you navigate the trails while sharing valuable knowledge about the area's history and ecosystem.
  • Preparation: Even the easiest trails require preparation. Make sure you have good hiking boots, enough water and sun protection.

Thechurch of Sainte-Marie in Piana, with its iconic bell tower, is a must-see. What's more, the history of the calanches, sculpted by erosion, fascinates geologists, nature lovers and history buffs alike.

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