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Where to swim on Corsica’s Plages de Piana?


The song of the waves, the scent of Corsican scrub and the softness of the sand beneath your feet… Welcome to Piana beach in Corsica, where every cove reveals a unique world of relaxation and escape.

Reviews on Tripadvisor, as well as various traveler forums, confirm the popularity of this Mediterranean gem. The growing number of visitors every year and the high percentage who recommend these beaches on various travel platforms, confirm the popularity of this enchanting place.

As a local specialist, we reveal the beaches where you can swim in Piana, Corsica.

Arone beach


Arone beach is a jewel of Piana, often appreciated by travelers for its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. Recommendations and reviews on Tripadvisor and other travel platforms reveal a high satisfaction rate, showing a real interest in this beach. This seaside resort is easily accessible via a picturesque road and offers adults and children alike a sublime place to relax in the heart of Corsica.


Located just a few kilometers from the village of Piana, this sandy beach, nestled between the mountains and the turquoise sea, is renowned for its easy accessibility. A winding but well-maintained road leads to this little Mediterranean paradise, and despite its popularity, the beach doesn’t have the visitor numbers of Corsica’s more touristy beaches.

What to find on site

The purity of its crystal-clear water and the softness of its sand provide the ideal environment for relaxing and sunbathing. For those who like to combine relaxation and discovery, a hike to the nearby Calanques de Piana is a must. In fact, the percentage of recommendations for this activity is quite remarkable on travel platforms.

Nearby restaurants and paillotes offer delicious local specialities, a pleasant touch for those wishing to sample the island’s flavours.

Where to park on Arone beach?

When you’re on vacation in Corsica, you can easily park your car at the Casabianca restaurant parking lot. Located to the north of Arone beach, this parking lot offers direct, convenient access to the beach, making it easy to enjoy all the seaside activities available.

Ficajola beach


Hidden between the imposing calanques, Ficajola beach reveals itself after a short hike, offering an intimate and wild swimming spot. Ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts, its crystal-clear waters teem with fish of all kinds.

Made up of alternating fine sand and red pebbles, it adds a unique touch to the landscape, but keep in mind that its small size means it’s very popular. Places on this beach become scarce quickly, so if you want to immerse yourself in its beauty, it’s advisable to arrive early.


Access to this haven of peace requires a short 800-meter walk, but rest assured that the stroll is an integral part of the experience. On arrival at the dedicated parking area, a pleasant trail awaits you, punctuated by steps and occasional boulders, but still easy and accessible for the whole family.

What can you find on site?

As you stroll along the beach, your eyes will be drawn to the old fishermen’s cottages, authentic structures that bear witness to the history of fishing and coastal life in the region. These shelters, which once resounded with the bustle of fishermen and the clacking of nets, are still standing.

Porto Beach


Nestling in the heart of the splendid Gulf of Porto, this pebbled shoreline, which is supervised during the summer months, proves to be a privileged destination, and not just for swimming in its crystal-clear waters. Porto beach boasts breathtaking views of the Porto tower and the Gulf.


Located close to Porto’s marina, access to the beach is particularly convenient, whether for families, solo travelers or groups of adults. Simply cross the bridge over the port or follow the D81 towards Piana and you’re there!

What to find on site

Don’t limit yourself to the beach! Porto and the surrounding area are an interesting starting point for cruises in the Gulf, notably to the Scandola reserve, or for dazzling hikes to Capo Rosso.

Bussaglia Beach


Nestled in the sumptuous Corsican cliffs, Bussaglia beach is a pebble beach that invites travelers in search of serenity to lose themselves in the contemplation of the panorama. The beach, though wild, is still quite family-friendly.


Although the road is a little winding, the finish reveals a vast parking lot, providing travelers with easy access for parking. Although the road may seem tricky, reviews on TripAdvisor often emphasize that the destination is well worth the detour, with the percentage of satisfaction evident in the contributions of amazed visitors.

What can you find on site?

Once there, whether you’re with family, friends or adults looking for peace and quiet, there are two restaurants with terraces.

Ideally exposed, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation after a swim or an exploration of the surrounding seabed. You can enjoy a tasty meal, or simply savor an ice cream with a view of the calanques on the horizon.

Tuara Beach


Nestled between the majestic golf courses of Porto and Girolata, Tuara beach offers an exceptional getaway experience for travelers in search of authenticity. The pebble beach offers breathtaking views of green hills and deep blue water. It stands out as one of the region’s wildest and most unspoilt beaches.


Although located close to the village of Girolata, it is only accessible by sea or by mule track from the Col de la Croix. For those opting for a marine approach, the use of a boat is the most practical way, with many cruises offering stopovers in this idyllic cove. However, for hiking enthusiasts, a 45-minute walk from the Col de la Croix parking lot offers an alternative access route.


Capo Rosso beach, nestled near Piana on France's Isle of Beauty, is often mentioned in traveler reviews as a peaceful haven for a tranquil, serene bathing experience. Isolated and somewhat hidden from more popular beaches such as Ficajola, this beach is a jewel that offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Corsica's more touristy sites.

Getting to Capo Rosso requires some determination, but is rewarded with crystal-clear water and breathtaking coastal scenery. Travelers who have been lucky enough to discover this beach often share their subjective opinions in contributions on platforms like TripAdvisor, highlighting the clarity of the water and the tranquility of the place.

According to various reviews on travelers' forums, access to Capo Rosso beach can be made on foot or by boat, both options offering their own unique experience. Indeed, access on foot involves a hike through the wild Corsican landscape, while the boat option offers a discovery of theisland's spectacular sides.

Yes, from the picturesque village of Piana in Corsica, France, a variety of boat trip options are available to explore breathtaking sites such as Scandola and Girolata, offering travelers a memorable maritime experience.

On and around the beaches of Piana, particularly those such as Ficajola, many operators offer cruises and boat tours, allowing you to discover the natural heritage and wild beauty of the region. These excursions are often praised in traveler reviews on TripAdvisor for their ability to offer unique perspectives on the incredible biodiversity and spectacular rock formations of the Scandola nature reserve and the picturesque village of Girolata.

The boat experience from Piana to Scandola and Girolata is often cited as a must-see in contributions from travelers who have explored this French island region. Ratings and reviews on various travel platforms often highlight Scandola's rich turquoise waters and splendid rock formations, as well as the village of Girolata's charming accessibility only by boat.

Discovering the beaches of Piana, in Corsica, France, is a memorable experience that has captured the hearts of many a traveler. Choosing the right time to explore these Mediterranean gems, including Ficajola, can maximize your enjoyment and guarantee an optimal seaside experience.

The summer period, mainly from June to September, is often cited in traveler reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor as one of the best times to visit the beaches of Piana and neighboring Girolata. This season offers not only mesmerizing blue waters and a warm climate, but also a lively, festive atmosphere, as adult travelers attest in their online contributions. However, it's essential to note that this period is also the busiest, so if you're looking for a more tranquil stay, the months of May and October may prove excellent, with consistently pleasant weather and less crowded beaches.

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